Now Hiring | Photography Assistant
Creative, stylish, and award-winning photographer for High School Seniors and Equestrians in Utah.
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Now Hiring | Photography Assistant

Now Hiring | Photography Assistant

This has to be one of the hardest posts I’ve written. I keep putting it off because secretly I’m hoping she’ll decide that college isn’t all that important, stay home and work for me forever. But alas, Julianna is leaving me for greener, strike that, bluer pastures.


-assisting with lighting (i.e.reflectors, off camera flash, etc.)
-assisting with (read schlepping ) 10-15 pounds of photo gear
-watching for fly-away hairs, adjusting jewelry, showing bra straps, etc.
-providing occasional comic relief


See Julianna holding the reflector on the right? That could be YOU!

-Must have your own transportation.
-Must be available evenings and weekends (including Sundays).
-Must be perpetually on time. Even better, be early.
-Must be flexible. The weather doesn’t always cooperate.
-Must be respectful, kind and professional.
-Must be okay with being the quiet but oh-so-helpful assistant.
-Must be good with trekking through fields, forests and cities while carrying 10-15 pounds of gear.
-Must sign a non-compete agreement.


You may just have to make sure horses don’t run away…while crouching and hiding from the camera. FUN, right?!

-Hanging with awesome high school seniors. Seriously, I have the coolest clients.
-I’ve been known to photograph my assistants’ senior portraits as a gift…. just sayin’…it’s happened.
-Learning the fine art of folding a pop-up reflector and changing room. This is a skill that might just change your (read my) life. Or, you might not get the hang of it either. But if you do, you’ll get bonus points.
-Notice that the requirements don’t list anything about previous experience with photography. It’s definitely a bonus, but everything you need to know, I’ll teach you.
-Countless photos of you in action. Whether they’re flattering or not…. bwahahaha


Yep. For some reason I can’t help myself. These shots make me chuckle. DREAM JOB.


We might even take Polaroid selfies together.

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested. I’ll give you more information such as busy seasons, slow seasons, pay, start date etc.